The year 2016 lit a fire inside of me that could not be quenched, I experienced a life-altering event that would leave me forever changed. I had emergency brain surgery. I knew then, if I survived that, it meant God had granted me another opportunity to make my dreams a reality. I have always loved shopping and dressing up. As I became older I realized fashion was an art, a form of expression and the ability to speak of yourself without words. From that, Dominiquelashae was established, which is something that had been inside me since I was born considering they are my two middle names given by my mom and dad when they couldn’t agree on one LOL! Dominiquelashae’s vision is to embrace Sophistication as the new Sexy. Being the mother to my amazing daughter, Haleigh, furthers this passion in that one day she will be old enough to purchase her own clothes and it is my desire that I'll be that uncompromising example of standard and class.

I now stand here with titles under my belt, Survivor, Warrior and Superhero. I can sincerely say.. I have an EYE for fashion!

I am so very thankful for each of you that has helped make my dreams a reality. You are truly valuable pieces to my incompletemasterpiece.


With humbleness and gratitude 

Terrica Williams

                              -Die with Memories, not Dreams-