The year 2016 lit a fire inside of me that could not be quenched, I experienced a life-altering event that would leave me forever changed. I had emergency brain surgery. I knew then, if I survived that, it meant God had granted me another opportunity to make my dreams a reality. 2021 I completed an extensive professional coaching program that has prepared and equipped me to become a Certified Professional Coach. As your coach, I am committed to walk with you on this journey as you discover new possibilities to make decisions about your life that will help you create the life you desire. As we began this journey together I am committed to remain passionate, bold, teachable and daring.  We are no longer focusing on one area of life, but now we are taking on the challenge to create a sense of WHOLEness and that means doing the "hard work". 

I now stand here and testify... I DID THE WORK! 

I am so very thankful for each of you that has helped make my dreams a reality. You are truly valuable pieces to my incompletemasterpiece.


With humbleness and gratitude 

Terrica Williams

                              -Die with Memories, not Dreams-